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At Clinica NorMed - Routine childhood and most Adult immunisations are held and available within the practice for patients daily. Most immunisations are administered by one of our Practice Nurses.

Adult immunisations and boosters are available including Hepatitis A and B, pneumococcal and influenza vaccines. An annual Influenza vaccination is strongly recommended for all people over 65 years of age or anyone with a chronic illness such as heart or lung disease including asthma or bronchitis or diabetes. (Influenza vaccine is supplied free by the Government for patients 65 years and older, as is pneumococcal vaccine).

Workplace immunisation

Certain occupations, particularly those related to healthcare are associated with an increased risk of vaccine preventable diseases. Other occupations such as plumbers, emergency and essential services, and those working with children, animals or specific communities are recommended to be protected against certain vaccine preventable diseases.

Workplace immunisations make sense. They will protect staff from illness, will protect people in their care and reduce absenteeism from the workplace. Immunisation should be offered as part of a workplace prevention program which will also include encouraging staff to practise good hygiene, seek appropriate treatment and stay home when unwell.