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Head and Neck Surgery

If you have a blocked nose this can be because of enlarged nose clams. At the clinic, in local anesthesia and with radiowave knife, we reduce these to improve ventilation through the nose. The procedure is performed in the chair, it takes about 30 min., in local anesthesia, until you are out of the door. You will perhaps be a little sore in your nose when the anesthesia goes out, but nothing a pain reliever can not calm. In the days after the operation, it is recommended to rinse your nose with salt water.

Those who snore much often have the palate seal too low. With the radiowave knife and in local anesthesia, the palate can be lifted, and help the passage of air through the nose and mouth. You sit in the chair during the procedure. First you are given some anesthetic with a spray into the mouth.  After about 10 min. a set of radiowave knifes is put at specific points, and over 1 week the tissue will fibrosere around the area the radiowave knife was, and secondary lift the paladar

Large tonsils can cause obstruction in the throat, which can cause poor quality sleep, snoring and possible apnea. There are several methods to reduce them, if we are talking about adults this can be done under local anesthesia, while children must be under general anesthesia. Reduction of tonsils, reduce the size of the tonsils, not the infeccion rate.

REMOVAL OF tonsills (tonsillectomy)
To remove tonsils. This is accomplished in general anesthesia and require hospitalization. Here the tonsils are removed in a capsule, suggesting that the infecion tendency in tonsils will disappear. This does not mean you will never have a sore throat again.

REMOVAL OF the fake tonsille (ADENOTOMI)
TThis is accomplished in GNL. anesthesia and can be performed as day surgery. Here we removed the false amygdala also called adenoid vegetation, which will improve passage through the nose and also into the middle ear.

In a chronic middle ear infeccion, as glue ear, this might lead to persistent hearing loss, and a gromlet may be a temperary solution. If the patient is an adult, this can be done under local anesthesia at the clinic, while children must be placed in a light anesthetic as a outpatient.

If the internal nose is deviated, it can lead to nasal congestion or cronic sinus problems. This  surgery is accomplished in GNL. narcosis.

The nose is of great importance for the appearance. With rhinoplasty size and shape is changed so that the nose emerges in harmony with the rest of your face.

Sinus surgery (FESS)
With chronic sinusitis, one or more sinuses clog. It will then be necessary to open up the passage and clean out. This is done through the nose. Before surgery, a first attempt with nasal steroids is tried and then a CT of the sinus in a peaceful period. If one see passage problems and / or suspect that there might be something else underlying, will pas. be recommended surgery. This procedure is performed under general anesthesia on Xanit Internacional Hospital by Dr. Abraham-Nilsen.

Protruding ears:
This aesthetic and also functional problem can easily corrected in local anesthesia if you are an adult, and in GNL. narcosis for children.

Mole removal:
Moles can be a mechanical or aesthetically a problem, it can also be of concern. We remove moles with surgical experience and sends all moles we remove the microscopic examination.